Who we are

we are a businesss consulting firm

http://thezerowastebackpacker.com/every-day-earth-day-2017-san-francisco/olympus-digital-camera-29/ Specialising in international business development across 59 countries in the Middle East, South East Asia and the Indian Subcontinent 

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What we do

We develop businesses overseas

how to buy Keppra online Our company has worked with over a 140 companies from Europe, North America and Asia to Expand their businesses in foreign countries 


We work with the largest International Schools and Universities to expand their business in South East Asia and the Middle East
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We have responded to Developers needs by a comprehensive solution of facility management, revenue generation and international sales for Residential real estate markets with oversupply problems.
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We work with the leading Healthcare companies from North America and South East Asia to develop Hospitals, Speciality Clinics and Helthcare centers
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Our associates have acquired a diverse portfolio of retail and F&B brands from the western world with the aspiration to expand them in the Indian Subcontinent, Middle East and South East Asia
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We have a extensive and diverse portfolio of some of the largest entertainment franchises in the world, for expansion in Asia and the Middle east
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Today Sporting facilities has proven to be a major catalyst to developments in lie with a Healthier Life stay. We work on projects to bring in unique sporting verticals to provide for the needs of residents as well as create economical processes for Developers to introduce with economic viability.
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Trade/Economic zones

We work with Governments, Conglomerates, and Sovereign Funds in creating large scale economic drivers for counties on a Industrial and Development platform.
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Industrial/Tech Parks

As Developers representatives we assist in creating Long term viable concepts and execute the same for delivering specialised economic drivers with a long term sustainable and viable product mix of exiting new concepts into new and existing projects
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Our Connections with Conglomerates, Governments, Sovereign Funds Manufacturers,Real Estate developers, Service providers and Consultants in Asia & the middle East is a valuable resource for European and North American Companies with potential to expand in those highly profitable and populous markets, of the Middle east, South East Asia & India sub-continent.

Our presence in North America & Europe enables us to provide businesses in Asia & Europe opportunities for investment as well as high potential products and services from the West

We enable your company to succeed

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