Industrial/Tech Parks

As Developers representatives we assist in creating Long term viable concepts and execute the same for delivering specialised economic drivers with a long term sustainable and viable product mix of exiting new concepts into new and existing projects

Industrial Parks

An industrial park (also known as industrial estate, trading estate) is smaller area zoned and planned for the purpose of industrial development. An industrial park can be thought of as a more "heavyweight" version of a business park or office park, all of which we help develop as per the requirements of our customers

Technology Parks

technology parks are a product with the advent of the internet and software,these parks tend to be clusters of highly specialised areas of Business process outsourcing (BPO) or Knowledge process outsourcing (KPO) that are economic drivers in a project which are brought in by us depending on the requirement and location.

Incubation Centers

An Incubator can be defined as a process of nurturing early stage startups by providing them infrastructural, management and networking support through incubation centres.Business incubation centres provide support to startup companies in terms of Consultation, Business Plan assistance, growth acceleration, product, we have been in the forefront of developing such centres within projects for developers

Logistics Parks

Logistics park is the defined area for the activities related to transports, logistics and distribution of goods. The transportation of goods can be done on regional, domestic or internationally with intermodal shipping and airport facilities, we carefully determine the location of such projects to deliver a powerful economic driver.

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