International K-12 schools

buy Lyrica 75 mg online We specialise in bringing to the table, International School operators and Investors to craft some of the world’s best schools in multiple streams of education of the International Baccalaureate, American , British, Finnish and STEM, as per the the requirement of the Promoters.  

Our area of expertise

Vision Consensus & Campus Planning

  • Assign Chief Project Officer (CPO) and establish project team.
  • Investigate & benchmark appropriate private schools.
  • Develop comprehensive educational specifications
  • Define projected academic,athletic, fine arts and co-curricular programs.
  • Begin to specify architectural considerations.

Approx. 6-8 months

Foundational Planning

  • Retain an architect and oversee the architectural process.
  • Conduct search for Head of School & other key personnel.
  • Identify & retain advertising company.
  • Develop school identity & brand, and plan a comprehensive school marketing campaign.

Approx. 8-12 Months

Structural Planning

  • Establish Structural Planning Team (to become founding admin management).
  • Oversee campus construction.
  • Establish & implement all required processes, procedures & policies for smooth operation.
  • Recruit & hire founding faculty, contractors & vendors
  • Procure school supplies

Approx. 18 months.- 1 year

Graphic design

  • Establish school management relationship & core processes.
  • Implement & oversee typical quality assurance programs.
  • Manage risk & course correct, as needed.
  • CPO can become the school’s ongoing Contract Executive (CE) or another is assigned.

Launch and Beyond…

Multifaceted Approach to Quality Control

External Quality Assurance

Clicking Here Including standardised testing regimes and analysis of student progress over time

Monthly Dashboards

see here now Head of School (HOS) is
required to submit a monthly dashboard report to the CE.

Site Visits & Reports At least twice a year a Contract Executive (CE) visits the school & meets with all stakeholders. Goals are set & progress reviewed.

Internal Quality Assurance

All schools use data-based decision making and engage in continual improvement efforts

Role of the Contract Executive (CE)

Making decades of expertise and experience accessible, ISS CE maintainsm frequent contact with the HOS via phone/Skype meetings, as well as in person visits twice a year

Bi-Annual Report from HOS

In January and June, the HOS submits an extensive report to the Contract Executive & a senior management team on the school’s progress

Annual HOS Workshop

Each summer for 4 days, all Heads convene in Princeton NJ, USA to network and receive professional training from world recognized leaders in international education.