The city campus concept

There is a need for quality international Higher education in the 8 Tier 1 cities in India. Officially over 340,000 students go abroad to pursue higher  education annually, among this statistic 70% return to India after graduation. Reacting to the demand, a growing number of foreign universities  have established plans for setting up undergraduate programs or research centers in the major Indian metros, a few of them include Virginia  Polytechnic Institute, Harvard, Deakin University, and Bocconi University. 

To meet with the demand of a quality Undergraduate and Postgraduate degree we have formed partnerships with the following international

Education that is

Our model is based on developing a satellite campus of a Highly reputed international university that operates Undergraduate and postgraduate twinning programs, corporate training, Research programs and Vocational training. The foreign university partner will run the program and manage the teaching faculty whereas the local partner will develop the infrastructure and manage the administration of the Satellite campus.

City campuses are typically located within the city center close to the business districts. City campuses are now a requirement of most international universities offering Management and Finance programs The city campus model being developed by us requires 20,000-100,000 sq.ft. of space built to the partner university’s standards. Multiple partner universities can offer a myriad of Undergrad, Post-grad, Research and Vocational programs in a city campus

International Campus Enclave Model

This purpose built enclave to house a variety of international programs that are further away from the city center. Each university within the enclave will be fully equipped to modern university standards and will house state of the art facilities. The enclave will be designed around creating a perfect environment for student living with everything a student needs.

Modern Campus Buildings

Lecture Halls | Auditoriums | AV Centers | Research Centers


High end, Mid-range and affordable accommodation for Students & Staff will be available on campus


Supermarkets, Shopping malls

Recreational Facilities

Student lounges, Rec-centre, Bowling alleys, Movie theatres

Food & Beverage

Restaurants, Cafeterias, Cafes and fast food spread across the enclave

Athletics Center

Student lounges, Rec-centre, Bowling alleys, Movie theatres