Retail Services

As Consultants into a project in early stages we play a key role in attracting unique concepts into Malls , Strip Malls, Recreation, and Community centers, these are key economic drivers into any Project for both the Developer and the Residents.


Malls are great economic drivers into any project ,We specialise in bringing to projects and Developers Investment Partners/ Management Companies having facilities, staff and all necessary personnel to capitalize this asset for the benefit of the project and the eco-system s a whole


Movies , talk shows and Entertainment is a requirement for all residents of a project which forms the basic requirements , we help bring some of the best Brands to operate or own depending on the requirement.

Strip Malls,Community centres

Large land based projects with residential communities for new integrated cities require congregating places for Retail, entertainment and leisure , we help develop the right mix of elements in a variety of investment, ownership and management formats for developers and stake holders.

We enable your company to succeed